Full Truck Load

Full Truck Load Service

We offer a fast personalized Truckload service at very competitive rates. Whether it’s a load of sensitive electronic components making the trip from California to New York… Auto Parts going from Toronto to Tennessee… metal stampings going from Denver do to New Jersey … or time sensitive product headed to Canada. At JO-ED Trucking, it is our goal to find ways to make Full Truck Load as easy and stress-free as possible. Therefore, when you take advantage of our Truckload Service, we will handle all aspects of your shipment and provide the superior customer service you deserve. At JO-ED Trucking, we do everything we can to find the transportation solutions to fit your needs and your budget. With our Truck Load Service, you benefit from complete and exclusive use of a van trailer for your shipment. With no shared space or unnecessary pit stops, your goods reach their destination faster and with far less risk of damage from over-handling. To learn more about our Import/Export Tucking services, call us now at (732) 225-2221 or request a quote: GET A QUOTE