Flatbed – Specialized Cargo

Flatbed & Specialized Cargo

Jo-Ed Trucking is well prepared to handle all of your Flatbed Cargo effortlessly from pick up to delivery. We have coverage in all 48 states and Canada, offering a wide variety of services associated with this type of cargo. With years of experience at moving oversized machinery for the automotive industry, structural glass for some of the largest construction projects in the U.S., or simply freight that must be side loaded, your shipment will get all the attention it deserves. We specialize in working with Manufacturers, Shippers, Freight Forwarders and Customs House Brokers at moving Flatbed Cargo to and form all Seaports and Airports in the U.S. and Canada. With our hands on approach we work closely with the our customers to move your shipments seamlessly from pick up to delivery. Give us a call to discuss your heavy haul trucking options at (732) 225-2111 Specializing In:
  • Overdimentional & Overweight Cargo
  • Expedited Deliveries and Team Drivers
  • Airport & Seaport Specialists
  • Permitting & Escort Service
  • Experts in Convention & Trade Shows
  • Local Tri-State Service
  • Ocean Containers
  • Plant Relocations
All Trailer Types
  • Standard, Air Ride,
  • Double-Drop RGN Trailers
  • Single & Double Drop
  • LowBoy
  • Goose Neck Detachable
  • Multiple Axle
  • Stretch
  • Ide Kit
To learn more about our Flatbed services, call us today (732) 225-2221 or Email us info@jo-edtrucking.com for a Quote